pkm - packman’s CLI

CLI Functionality

packman‘s provides a cli interface to packman’s basic features. you can:


the below commands also apply to get (retrieving sources).

  • pack all components in a components file (pkm pack)
  • pack a single component (pkm pack -c COMPONENT_NAME)
  • pack a list of components (pkm pack -c COMPONENT1,COMPONENT2,COMPONENT3...)
  • pack components from an alternative components file (pkm pack -f /
  • pack components with an exclusion list (pkm pack -x COMPONENTS1,COMPONENT2,...)
  • perform all of the above on get and pack using the same command (pkm make)
  • using the basic implementation of the get and pack methods for all components in a components file and specifying a list of components for packman to iterate over to getting and packing a component (or all components) in a single command.


pkm -h

yeilds the following:

Script to run packman via command line

    pkm get [--components=<list> --components-file=<path> --exclude=<list> -v]
    pkm pack [--components=<list> --components-file=<path> --exclude=<list> -v]
    pkm make [--components=<list> --components-file=<path> --exclude=<list> -v]
    pkm --version

    pack     Packs component configured in components file
    get      Gets component configured in components file
    make     Gets AND (yeah!) Packs.. don't ya kno!

    -h --help                   Show this screen.
    -c --components=<list>      Comma Separated list of component names
    -x --exclude=<list>         Comma Separated list of excluded components
    -f --components-file=<path> Components file path
    -v --verbose                a LOT of output
    --version                   Display current version of sandman and exit


when not specifying copmonents explicitly using the –components flag, the task will run on all components in the dict.