Using alternative implementations of get or pack methods

packman provides a way to override the basic implementations for the get and pack methods for each component.

let’s look at the example:

  • we have a components file in our cwd with a riemann component.
  • we want to run a different get method than the default one.
  • we create a file in our cwd with a function called get_riemann.
  • this will override the get method when running pkm get -c riemann
  • same goes for the pack method.
  • of course, a user can create a specific get function only to extend the base get method by importing the *get* method from packman and adding to it.

for an example, see an example get file.

..note:: when looking for the overriding methods’ names, all hyphens will be replaced by underscores and all dots will be removed. so, for instnce, you could provide a component named “java-1.7.0-openjdk”, but when specifying the method’s name, you should call it “get_java_170_openjdk”